1.27 2021


Baxter is a global diversified healthcare company that develops and manufactures essential medicines such as intravenous solutions, inhalation anesthetics, peritoneal dialysis solutions, anticancer drugs, and more. Baxter products save and support the lives of patients in intensive care units and surgery, patients with renal failure. Our products are sold to over 100 countries around the world.

Our mission is to be:

  • recognizable and recognized all over the world
  • innovators in science and technology
  • leaders in the markets of many countries
  • reliable investors
  • attractive place for work and development
  • socially responsible member of society

Baxter products are sold in over 100 countries; approximately 60% of the company’s sales are made outside the United States. Representative office of “Baxter CSI B.V.” in Ukraine: Ukraine, 02098, Kiev, st. Bereznyakovskaya, 29. Tel .: +38 044 594 80 50; Fax: +38 044 594 8051